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Sarajevo Airport Transfer – distances from Sarajevo (Bosnia and region)! – Things you need to know! –

Sarajevo is located in the heart of Southeast Europe and is a great starting point when taken throughout the region.
Just 130 kilometers south is the seat of Herzegovina – sunny Mostar – whose symbol, the Old Bridge, is listed on UNESCO’s list of protected cultural monuments. Fascinating Dubrovnik, a living museum on the coast, is 265 kilometers from Sarajevo; and Split, the capital on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, is 285 kilometers from Sarajevo. The distance between the capital Sarajevo and regional cities is as follows: 330 kilometers from Belgrade, Serbia; 420 kilometers from Zagreb, Croatia and 240 kilometers from Podgorica, Montenegro.
Sarajevo has the largest International Airport in Bosnia and is well suited for landing all travelers visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina for tourist, business or other reasons. Sarajevo’s distance from Medjugorje, a renowned shrine to Catholics from around the world, is 160 kilometers. Sarajevo is 165 kilometers from central Bosnia and the beautiful town of Jajce (Jajce Waterfall) and the beautiful Pliva Lake. The distance between Bihac and the National Park of the beautiful Una River from Sarajevo is 320 kilometers. Sarajevo’s distance from Banja Luka is 250 kilometers, which travelers visit for business and tourism reasons. In the north of Bosnia is Tuzla, a city also visited for business and tourism reasons, and is 130 kilometers away from Sarajevo. There are many smaller towns near Tuzla with many developed companies that are the target of visits by many business people such as Gracanica (162 kilometers), Srebrenik (150 kilometers), etc. Also, many people visit Bosnia and Herzegovina to get acquainted with the plight of the population in Srebrenica, which is 160 kilometers from Sarajevo.
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