Airport Transfer Sarajevo ASFA Tours – All you need to know

Airport Transfer Sarajevo Asfa Tours
You plan to visit Sarajevo, Mostar, Medjugorje or some other city or holiday resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Airport transfer Sarajevo Asfa Tours is the best, most reliable and optimal solution for you.
Airport transfer Sarajevo Asfa Tours will transfer you from Sarajevo Airport to the desired destinations, hotels and accommodation in Sarajevo, Mostar, Medjugorje and other cities in Bosnia. Skip local taxi carriers, bus carriers and trains with which they never know. We are your reliable and quality transport from / to Airport Sarajevo, your Airport transfer Sarajevo Asfa Tours.
We also offer tourist and business trips to Bosnia, do not lose your precious time of visiting and vacation in Bosnia, rent us for your transportation, we are your navigation, transfer, taxi and daily and multi-day rent a car with a driver in Bosnia , relax and enjoy, we will drive you to destinations according to your wishes and command. Contact us, send your request and inquiry to us, we are your Airport transfer Sarajevo & Trips in Bosnia Asfa Tours !!!

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  1. Visiting Sarajevo –
    Airport Transfer Sarajevo ASFA ( )

    “A Driver is a great host, an excellent driver and very professional in the service he provide. He speaks english and he is available on WhatsApp and viber (msg)+387 61 131 526 all the time.

    I was book my transfer in advance on their website

    I kindly recommend this service to all visitors in Sarajevo.”

  2. From Sarajevo Airport to Hotel in Medjugorje

    The best way to get from Sarajevo Airport to Medjugorje is to use the services of ASFA Sarajevo Airport Transfer. Directly through the website, ASFA Sarajevo Airport Transfer, we booked our Private Transfer to Medjugorje in advance and it is much cheaper than when the agency arranges for Transfer and we paid the driver in cash.
    The road from Sarajevo Airport to Medjugorje is about 160 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours because there are not many highways in Bosnia and there are mostly main roads.
    Private Transfer was pleasant and the driver was kind and very helpful, assisting us in carrying our luggage and, at our request and desire, stopped during the ride wherever we wanted.

    We recommend everyone book their Transfer directly through the ASFA Sarajevo Airport Transfer website
    because it is much more reliable, faster and cheaper than organizing a Transfer through an agency.

  3. Transfer nach Jahorina mit ASFA – Sarajevo Flughafentransfer

    “Ich bin das erste Mal Benutzer dieser Überweisung und ich bin so froh, dass der Preis erschwinglich ist, den ich auf der Website gefunden habe. Wichtig ist jedoch die Qualität des Service .
    Alle Empfehlungen an das großartige ASFA-Team von Sarajevo Airport Transfer !! “

  4. Transfer to Medjugorje

    we visited Sarajevo and Medjugorje at the beginning of October. When we landed at Sarajevo Airport we used Airport transfer to the hotel in center Sarajevo from ” ASFA Sarajevo Airport Transfer ” which we had booked 7 days before .
    The next day we arranged with them a transfer from Hotel in Sarajevo to Hotel in Medjugorje. Everything was great and I recommend to everyone “ASFA Tours Airport Transfer Sarajevo” and private transfer as a mode of transportation in Bosnia because much better comfortable and faster mode of transportation in Bosnia and Sarajevo because public Intercity and city transportation Centrotrens, Globertour and train are cheaper but they are not good because they are an uncomfortable and much slower mode of transport with many stops at the transit stations to your destination. All recommendations for the best airport transfer in Sarajevo and Intercity transfer in Bosnia “ASFA Tours Airport Transfer Sarajevo”

  5. If you travel/landed to Sarajevo, and you care about your transport from Airport to your Hotel or some other town, You strongly need good transfer service, I would recommend you very reliable a transfer service in Sarajevo or by Bosnia, which you can book in advance. .

    This is the best way, that you won’t be cheated by taxi drivers and that you will avoid uncomfortable and slow public transport, (which will not bring you directly to your hotel or accommodation, but to a public station that can be far away from your hotel or accommodation and that also means that you will must alone carry your luggage from public station to hotel or accommodation), is to book transfer in advance. is the website tor this.

    Also, this is a more reliable way of transfers than hotel’s transport service, because hotels or not do that, or they just doing group Transfers, so unless, on time you don’t arrive at the airport terminal, they will not waiting for you and You will be left without transportation to the hotel.

    Airport Transfer Sarajevo ASFA , will always waiting for you and be at your service, because they are a very kind and professional team

  6. One of our business partner, which is from Tuzla recommended us “Airport Transfer Sarajevo ASFA” .
    We booked in advance all our airport transfers and intercity Transfers by Bosnia and Herzegovina through the booking form on the website “ASFA Sarajevo Airport Transfer”, they were very kind and pleasant and we agreed very quickly on the conditions of all Transfers in Bosnia.
    After our arrival / landing at Sarajevo Airport, the friendly driver of “ASFA Airport Transfer Sarajevo” kindly welcomed us and took over, and
    all of the Transfers was done professionally, it was 4 intercity Transfers and 2 airport Transfers.
    Our next business visit to our business partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina will certainly be in collaboration with ” Airport Transfer Sarajevo ASFA ” as they are a reliable, highly professional Passenger Transfer Service in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  7. Sarajevo Airport Transfer ASFA

    Recommendation to anyone who visiting Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina to use Sarajevo Airport Transfer and Intercity Transfer Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina through this highly reliable and professional Sarajevo Airport Transfer ASFA team .

    We used 2 airport transfers and were satisfy with them
    ( a much better mode of Airport Transfers than slow public carriers which stop every 200 meters at local stations and where you must carry your luggage in your hands and keep it away from local suspicious pocket thieves, also a much better mode of Transfers than small taxi’s scammers).

    We also used their intercity Transfer services :

    One Intercity Transfer to Jajce in central Bosnia with return to Sarajevo the same day.
    That day we visited Pliva Lake, Jajce Waterfall and beautiful Travnik.

    One Intercity Transfer to Mostar with return to Sarajevo the same day.
    We visited beautiful Mostar and saw Mostar’s old town and famous Old Bridge, before visiting Mostar we had a visit to Tito’s bunker in Konjic, and it was a great experience because we saw an incredible small town underground, a recommendation to everyone to visit this underground residental complex from Tito’s period.

    Through some Trips forums, some of “advisers” are advised us, that we are used the train to Mostar,
    but we made the right decision and entrusted our trip to Mostar to the “ASFA Sarajevo Airport Transfer” Team, who recommended us to visit Tito’s Bunker near Konjic (a small town on the way from Sarajevo to Mostar), who would not be able to visit if we had decided to take the train to Mostar.

    I recommend everyone to use Private Transfer as a mode of transportation from Sarajevo to Mostar, so that they can better see and enjoy in the beautiful surroundings, facilities and Things to visit, which are around the road to Mostar.

    Recommended everyone to use Transfer Services of “ASFA Sarajevo Airport Transfer” ,
    it is the best way to experience Bosnia!!!

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